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Greetings from Ewa…

Hi my name is Ewa and I go to Dalry Primary School (an amazing multi-cultured school) which is in the centre of Edinburgh and I’m in P6. Our class is involved in a film project.

Our class started off with making a short video clip that has 3 shots and they were: extreme close up, close up and a long shot. We had to work in groups of 4. Our movie is about a kid getting sent out of class and meeting their friend and so they invent a game. When we were making the shots it felt quite nerve-racking because of the amount of time we were given.

Yasmin is a professional film maker and so she works with us once a week, she sets us tasks and the most recent was to add sound to the movies which were made by the Lumière Brothers. We could also add sound effects and voiceover (had to be one of us talking about what that video reminds us of) we could insert them either from iMovie or garage band.

Our final movie will come out in 2020 and it will be shown in the Edinburgh and Paris Film House!!! So far this film project is exciting. Hope you all enjoyed this…Bye!!

Greetings from Ruiradh…

Greetings! I’m Ruaridh and thanks for surfing the web to find me today. I’m in primary six at Dalry primary school which is the most multicultural school in Edinburgh. We have been working with Yasmin, a professional film maker who is helping us make a film for the Understanding Cinema Plus project.

Yasmin visits us every Tuesday and does filming exercises with us. We have done several of them so far including a film about a boy being sent out of class for doing something bad then meeting another student and playing a game with them. We also made a film about the senses where each group got a different sense. Both the films had to have three shots, a mid shot a close up and an extreme close up.

The latest exercise was about the Lumière minutes. The Lumière minutes were the first films ever made and were created by the Lumière brothers. They were black and white, silent and were one minute long. Our task was to add sound effects, music and voiceover. Each group had a different film and my group had a film called The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat.

Overall I’m pretty sure I was satisfied with what my group did and the other groups were good too. At the end we all showed our films and I’m looking forward to the next exercise. Bye for now! 1024w, 300w, 768w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Drawing by Hannah, P6

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