Rules of the game


1. Individual exercise (or in small groups) – to be made out of school hours if at all possible :
What does this picture tell us ? What situation do the characters find themselves in? How are they linked to each other?
Choose a painting from those proposed by CCAJ :
Record a commentary track (whether improvised or from a written text), which then, during the editing, will be associated to the painting.
Please don’t read the painting title before making the exercise!
2 minutes maximum

2. Film within a few shots a situation between 2 characters with sound but without using dialogue or a voice over (in a maximum of 4 shots, and 3 minutes).
This sequence must allow us to understand the situation that brings the two characters together.
3 mins maximum

3. Film a situation between two characters linked to an emotion (a romantic encounter / envy / jealousy / shame).
Repeat the exact same situation, but change the space where this encounter takes place, and change the manner in which you film it.
2 mins per situation – 4 mins in total.


Make a film where the establishing incident affects how the characters relate to each other.
The situation will flip during the course of the film, which will mean that the way that the characters interact changes.
The viewer should identify at first with one, then another of the characters during the course of the film.
(In the group film, please pay attention to the different parameters on which the students has been working during the exercises: choice of the location, filming, actor’s playing…)
The film, including credits, will be between 5 – 10 minutes maximum.


The blog will be live from October.
It should be fuelled by the young participants’ content where possible. It’s a way for the groups to make contact with each other before they meet for the first time in June at the Cinémathèque. It’s also a way for parents to see the journey that children are making through the worlds of cinema.
You should post photos and notes detailing how you’ve approached the exercises. Talk about the film clips you’ve seen throughout the course of the year – with screen shots and notes if possible.
To start, each group should provide a series of photos to introduce them to the others on the project. These should include – their school, their workspace, the group themselves, images of their town, city or village.
By the end of October.

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