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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019

At the end of June, the whole class went to Edinburgh to screen our film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It was great to show our film to other children from other schools and to talk about it. We loved seeing their films too!

Overall, this has been a fantastic experience for us! Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to take part. We’ll never forget it!

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Sweet Valentine in Paris


Four of us, Luke, Sophie, Charley R, Charlie B got to go to Paris to show our final film “Sweet Valentine” to young people from all over the world. It was very scary having to stand up in front of everyone and answer questions about the film but it was good too. We were not only representing our school but Scotland as well. We were very proud to do this.

It was great to see the films that the other young people had made. We were amazed at how young some of the young filmmakers were and how good their films were. We really liked ‘Le depart’ by Escola Caritos. It was very atmospheric. ‘Ana’ by the school from Bompas was also one of our favourites.

In the evning everyone got together in the park outside the the Cinematheque to have a picnic to celebrate 25th anniversary of Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse (CCAJ). We had brought sweets and biscuits from Scotland to share with everyone and had great fun handing them out and trying sweets from other countries.

Our high points (apart from screening our film of course) were as follows: Sophie enjoyed seeing other schools movies and hearing the stories and concepts behind them. Charley R enjoyed the picnic with other schools and the food (mainly the Italian pizza). Charlie B enjoyed the boat trip on the Seine. Luke enjoyed the Eiffel tower.

Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome and sharing your films and sweets with us! We loved it all!

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Our final film is complete!

We are really pleased with the turnout of our final film ‘Sweet Valentine’. We really enjoyed making our film but we found it very stressful to try and stick to the time deadlines. However, seeing all our hard work paying off made us feel very happy.

We were very lucky to have all of the beautiful scenery surrounding us which was easy to access because it was so close to the school and it was a fantastic and peaceful area for shooting our final film.

Our film tutor Sandie was very helpful with everything and she always seemed very calm and chilled out, except when the deadline was so close. We couldn’t have done this amazing project without her.

Even though at some points the class was getting very annoyed because it was stressful, we had our amazing teacher Ms MacPherson who helped organise everything. However, you could still see that it was starting to stress her too.


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What we thought of Exercise 3

From taking part in task 3 I have learnt that if you look at the camera it can ruin the whole scene. I have also learnt that you should always make sure that the setting is exactly the same for each scene. Also, I have learnt how to act different emotions. I also more know camera shots and angles and how to edit on iMovie. (Luna)

I have learnt that it is quite difficult to film the same thing in two different locations knowing one of them was handheld and one of them was using the tripod. The bit we found tricky was the emotion part because some people didn’t know how to express their feelings. Editing the film ourselves was challenging and finding good locations where we wouldn’t be disturbed when we were filming. (Rube-Grace & Nyah)

We learnt that you don’t always need to use dialogue. Furthermore, you need to have great angles and not look at the camera (depending on the shot). We have learnt the names of some different shots (worm’s eye view and more). Finally, having the right emotions and how to capture that on camera. (Callan and Jayden)

We have learnt that certain locations work better for different story lines. We have learnt different types of shots (watcher, look over shots, hand-held, tripod etc.). Also, that different locations effect the quality of the sound. We have learnt how to connect two characters with one emotion. Sophie & Kelsey; Charlie & Cooper)

We learnt how to use expression and an emotion that we haven’t felt before in our films and how to film scenes using two different locations (Myles and Daniel)

We have learnt that filming is hard and can be very repetitive. There are lots of angles involved and that filming isn’t just all about acting. The script and the editing are very important. (Cameron R & Carlo)

I have learnt how to act a certain feeling and act it out naturally. However, it is difficult not to laugh. It was easy to work together on this exercise and everyone cooperated really well. I found editing the movie quite simple such as adding effects, sounds or boosting audio. We worked well as a team and could decide on an idea quickly without any moaning or disagreement. It was lots of fun. (Lauren)

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Exercise 2 complete

P7S completed filming Exercise 2 just before the Christmas holidays. We worked in groups of 4 or 5. Our teacher Miss MacPherson and our filmmaking tutor Sandie helped to organise the groups to ensure we could all work well together.

Exercise 2 involved filming a situation between two characters with a maximum of 4 shots. There was a lot to think about in this exercise. From previous activities and exercises we had learned that situations don’t always have to be dramatic. We needed to think about this when acting because it can be easy to overact in front of the camera. We also wanted to try to include different types of shots to ensure the film was interesting to watch. However, what made the exercise most challenging was that we were not allowed to use dialogue.

Once we had decided on our ‘situation’, each group recorded their film, with Sandie with us to give us advice if needed. Sometimes we had to record a shot more than once as it wasn’t right the first time. Editing our films afterwards helped get rid of stuff that wasn’t right or we didn’t need but rearranging and trimming the shots helped to make the scenes more interesting and sometimes, funnier.

After the holidays we were able to watch and evaluate each groups’ film. It was really fun to see what we had all done and how each of the situations were very different. Here’s what we all thought about Exercise 2:

“I liked seeing that none of us had the same idea and I also I liked acting in it and I felt I was getting along with a lot of people.” (Grace)

“I thought the experience was good because you get to work with different people while filming.” (Kaitlyn)

“I sometimes didn’t like choosing groups because there are only two people in this class I’m friends with that’s all.” (Sophie)

“We learned how easy it is to over- react also how you can tell a story without any dialog. Sandie also taught us how to use cameras and how to make everything run smoothly and it’s not always about fighting or someone getting bullied.

We both enjoyed learning about many angles as well as taking shots to make the movie. We also enjoyed how everyone has a part to play in the movie. It’s not just one person who does it.” (Evie & Cameron S)

“We have learned that not everything is on camera and has to be overacted. There are so many more things you need to think about behind the camera. Also, to make a good scene is not by fighting and big drama but sometimes it’s about the small things that count. It’s hard to say what could be better as it has been so good. Altogether it has been a great and fun experience.” (Amy and Nyah)

“I learnt about different shots and angles of filming. I enjoyed working with other people to make short films. I would like to know more about editing and to make the films more interesting”. (Charley Robertson)

“We learned how to use camera angles. We really liked acting out in the mini movies and didn’t dislike anything.” (Daniel and Jayden)

“Me and Cooper really enjoyed doing this activity. We learned how to act naturally in front of the camera and not to overact. We thought that it was fun.” (Luke and Cooper)

“I think that the angles could have been better because my group only had someone’s point of view and a wide shot.” (Kaitlyn)

“I learned how to use different angles. The acting was good. I think I could have done the emotions of my character better because I was giggling when I was meant to be serious.” (Troy)

“I learned how to use a camera/iPad for recording films. I enjoyed working with the camera and learning from Sandie. I would like to act a bit more in the film but not a main part (like a background actor).” (Liam)

“We liked the acting and filming because it was interesting and it was something new for us to learn. However, we thought we could have not have laughed as much.” (Carlo and Cameron R)

“I think what went really well was with the acting and that it doesn’t need to have talking in it.” (Kym)

“I learned that sometimes things will go wrong and you will have to keep on trying until it’s perfect.” (Kaitlyn)

“We thought that exercise was quite fun. We both liked filming the shots but it did get annoying when they did the scene wrong. We learned not to be SO dramatic and how to edit (such as crop it down or make it slow-motion) our films. Overall we thought it was okay.” (Vince and Lauren)

“I have learned a lot from Sandie and from the iPad. It has been a good experience learning filming and a lot of fun.” (Callan)

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Completing Exercise 1

Nyah, Luke, Kaitlyn and Charley with their paintings.

For Exercise 1, we had to discuss a painting with a partner and decide what people in the painting were feeling and what they were doing.  Next, each pair were taken one at a time to record what they had been discussing.  Finally, the  whole class listened to the recordings and voted to select the two clips to be taken to Berlin to show to teachers and film tutors from other countries.

Evie, Grace and Lauren explain what they thought of the process, “Despite being challenging we managed to pick out the key information and accomplished the task. Sandie, our Film Tutor recorded our voices as we talked about our painting. We really enjoyed  this task and we learned how to identify key features of a painting. We learned how to identify the situation, the people involved, their emotions and body language as well as the setting.”

Nyah and Luke worked together as a pair. Luke said “We learned that many skills were needed for this task. For example you needed to be able to identify the main objectives of the painting. We also learned to look deeper into the painting meaning, not just  looking at the characters.”

Nyah and Luke’s recording and Kaitlyn and Charley’s recording are the two that will be taken to the Berlin meeting in February.

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P7S, Inverbrothock Primary School

Inverbrothock Primary School, in Arbroath in Scotland, is a large school with around 400 children. The school, which was built in 1983, is quite new. It is modern with lots of up to date technology. The teachers are very helpful in lots of way. In the school, there are two classes for each stage and there are 29 children in P7S. P7S has two teachers. They are Mrs Smith, who works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Miss MacPherson, who works on Thursday and Friday. Miss Macpherson is the lucky one as she is the teacher who is involved in Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse 2018 – 2019 with us!

The United Kingdom is split into 4 parts (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales) and Arbroath is on the east coast of Scotland. It has a population of approximately 30,000 people. Arbroath has an amazing Abbey where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320 ( Arbroath also has a beautiful beach with cliffs at one end and sand at the other. It also has a range of sports centres and supermarkets that people go to daily! As well as having loads of amazing places to visit, Arbroath has the Bellrock Lighthouse, built by Robert Stevenson ( But, Arbroath is probably most famous for its smoked haddock, known as Arbroath Smokies ( which you can buy in fishmongers and everyone loves!

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