Our final film is complete!

We are really pleased with the turnout of our final film ‘Sweet Valentine’. We really enjoyed making our film but we found it very stressful to try and stick to the time deadlines. However, seeing all our hard work paying off made us feel very happy.

We were very lucky to have all of the beautiful scenery surrounding us which was easy to access because it was so close to the school and it was a fantastic and peaceful area for shooting our final film.

Our film tutor Sandie was very helpful with everything and she always seemed very calm and chilled out, except when the deadline was so close. We couldn’t have done this amazing project without her.

Even though at some points the class was getting very annoyed because it was stressful, we had our amazing teacher Ms MacPherson who helped organise everything. However, you could still see that it was starting to stress her too.


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